Monday, 1 September 2008

Why this blog?

I am not Russian. I have never been to Russia. I do not speak Russian. Yet I love Russia and her history. Russia has enriched the world with many great things- architecture, music, folk traditions and literature. In the days of Napoleon, Britain and the Russian empire were allies.

I was disgusted by coverage of the conflict in Georgia in the British media. There was so much anti-Russian distortion in the presenation of the conflict. Now western diplomats are rattling their sabres seeking a conflict with Russia that the world does not need.

Russia is a democracy. She is not a perfect democracy, but she holds free and multi-party elections. Russia is no longer Communist. The Russian model of captitalism is not necessarilly one that we would admire or encourage, but it is not Communism. There is no fundamental ideological conflict with Russia as there was in the Cold War era. Russia can be friends with the west. We just have to stop acting like Russia is this great alien menace. She is not. Russia is a great nation that should be treated with respect.

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