Monday, 1 September 2008

A very oversimplified history of the tsars of Russia

Ivan IV the Terrible (1547-1584)- bad and bonkers. But still great.
Feodor I (1584-1598)- weak. Boris Godunov ran the show. Last of Rurik dynasty.
(Beginning of the Time of the troubles)
Boris Godunov (1598-1605)- A pretender. Impressive chap
Feodor II (1605)- Murdered
False Dmitriy I (1605-1606)- an impostor and a Polish puppet
Vasili IV (1606-1610) - Another pretender to the throne
Vladislav IV (1610-1612)- A Polish tsar? Surely not? Didn't reign long enough to make a difference.
(end of the Time of the Troubles)
Michael I (1613-1645)- Weak but good. First of the Romanov dynasty.
Alexis I (1645-1676)- Good
Feodor III (1676-1682)- A simpleton.
Ivan V jointly with Peter I (1682-1696)- An odd situation. Their sister, Sophia was acting as regent. She was an impressive lady.
Peter I the Great (1682-1725)- bad but very impressive. Changed Russia completely
Catherine I (1725-1727)- weak
Peter II (1727-1730)- Didn't reign long enough to do anything.
Anna (1730-1740)- bad. Twisted sense of humour.
Ivan VI (1740-1741)- ruled and deposed while still a baby
Elizabeth (1741- 1762) - good
Peter III (1762)- a silly young man. Deposed by his wife, Catherine.
Catherine II the Great (1762-1796)- very good.
Paul I (1796- 1801)- bad. Murdered.
Alexander I (1801-1825)- good
Nicholas I (1825-1855)- Not so impressive.
Alexander II (1855-1881)- very good. Serfdom abolished.
Alexander III (1881-1894)- Bad. Turned Russia into a police state.
Nicholas II (1894-1917)- Tragically, a bad tsar. End of Russian monarchy

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