Thursday, 25 September 2008

Romanov heir hopeful about restoration of Russian monarchy

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, the head of the house of Romanov is optimistic about a restoration of the Russian monarchy, according to an article in Monarchy magazine

Personally, I am convinced the Russian people will one day welcome the return of their monarchy. They have already revived the double-headed eagle as their national coat of arms and the Russian Orthodox church plays a more prominent part in national life. The next step is restoration.

God save the Tsar!


monomakh said...

Slavsya Rus'!

Celestial Fundie said...

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Anonymous said...

i really wish and hope that one day, soon , russian people will have their beloved royal family back in their original position !
i think every nation should have the best , democratic , modern monarchy ! nothing better then a kingdom , monarch can better rappresent a country , their people , traditions , religion , cultur and the family of a country !!!

all the best to great russia , peter the grea and catherina the great would be enourmously proud and happy !!!
mariano carlini

Celestial Fundy said...

I agree with your sentiments.

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Julio J. Alvarz said...

I also hope with all my heart that one day (soon) Russia will have her monarchy restored. Russia was and is a great nation. I love the country and its people. After all, no one complains about the British monarcy, so why not restore Russia to what it should be? And I pray that I will see the new Tsar during my lifetime.

Julio Juan Alvarez

Matthew Celestis said...

It would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I hope that IF the monarchy is restored in Russia that it is the same as it was before the revolution, NOT this constitutional monarchy GARBAGE

Michael Swenson said...

If the monarchy is restored in Russia, it will be a constitutional monarchy. Absolute monarchy doesn't work in the long term because absolute monarchy depends too much on how good the sovereign is. So you could have one great monarch, followed by 10 bad ones, or 10 great ones followed by one bad one that ruins everything the 10 great ones accomplished.

The role of monarchy in the modern era is just as viable and potentially important as ever but that means evolving with the world just as everything and everyone else does, so long as it stays above day to day politics. The monarch should be more than ceremonial, like in the United Kingdom where the Queen is head of state, head of the church, and is consulted on major political decisions by the Prime Minister who is head of government. The role of the monarch is to advise, along with the power of veto (only in dire necessity).

Russia has already revived the ceremonial practices (Guard, etc) from the imperial era, and perhaps in time it will restore the monarchy. But I reiterate that if it is to do so, it must do so in a modern fashion, starting with restoration as an absolute primogeniture institution. This would mean the eldest child, REGARDLESS of gender would inherit the throne. Succession rights must be equal between both women AND men so that if a girl is the eldest child, she would be the indisputable heir to the throne, and it would work the other way around as well.

There is no point in restoring monarchy, if the monarchy isn't going to be a modern, evolved institution in line with it's people that it represents, and the constitution.